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St Lucia Scuba Diving

St. Lucia is rated as one of the unexploited underwater secrets in the Caribbean.
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St Lucia Snorkeling

St. Lucia offers some of the finest snorkeling in the region. Because the island is volcanic in nature there are spectacular coral reefs, trenches, caverns and walls all nestled with an array of Caribbean reef fish. These sites can be found literally within a stone throw from most of the beaches along the sheltered west coast with the more popular sites located within the marine reserve areas.

Snorkeling could not be easier - just put on your mask, snorkel and fins and you're ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime. The Discover the Underwater World video and Snorkeler's Field Guide gets you started. These materials located at our dive shops introduce you to the exciting world just beneath the waves, previews some of the sights you will see and also gives fish identification and snorkeling tips for adventurers of all levels. Our Dive masters and Instructors are available to formally train you. Inquire about our snorkeler certification course.

Private Boat Excursions

This tour is a bus or boat transfer to the dive shop at Marigot Beach Club where one of our vessels will be used for a private tour along the west coast of the island as far as Soufriere where lunch can be served either on the vessel or a beach location.

Activities offered includes swimming, snorkeling and/or scuba diving (the half day tour offers one dive where as the three quarter day tour offers two dives). This tour includes lunch, beverages, transfers, marine reserve fee and all scuba equipment.